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Jobs Created as part of project
Prevention rate of theft in schools since installations
panics sent to SAPS patrol vehicles in Sep 2017
Number of Schools happy with SAPS relationship

Memeza  I mpact Testimonials

Reduction in Sexual Offences in (Diepsloot)
Personal Alarms distributed to vulnerable people
Community Policing Alarms installed for the vulnerable
Average SAPS Response time in Minutes 

Memeza  Impact Testimonials

” In June 2017 when there was a break in at Roots Supermarket in Diepsloot, the employees pressed the Memeza panic button which helped us to catch the intruders.  Memeza policing alarm is helping us to solve more breakin’s because now we are able to attend to the crime scene on time”

SAPS: Constable Ngubeni (0603035155) and Constable Senona (0762923790)

” On the 27th of October 2017, a man on the street was attacked by 3 men with knives and a panga.  The homeowner who has the Memeza Policing Alarm pressed the panic button, and as a CPF member living in the same street, I received the SMS notification. I made contact with SAPS and they managed to arrest the 3 suspects on the scene”

” NM Tsuene in Soshanguve, a No Fee School was broken into in Aug 2017.  The thieves broke into the kitchen area where the Memeza Policing Alarm was not installed.  When the thieves proceeded to the classrooms where ICT equipment are kept, the Memeza Community Policing Alarm sensor activated the siren and sms functionality. The criminals did try and break the sirens to stop the noise, however ed as the sirens kept ringing and they new people were on the way. No ICT were stolen”

Pearl, Gauteng Police Board (084 960 0628)

Since i got the alarm system, I sleep and feel safe, compared the past years. We used to live in fear all the time, but now we can call the Police and CPF ourselves by pushing the button.  Once I used the alarm to ask the police to call the ambulance as a old grandmother was very very sick, the Police helped me. Thank you Police and Memeza.

Agnes Seshaka, 274 Roma Street, Diepsloot

“One of my tenants shacks was on re and I rushed to press the panic button of my Memeza. The police assist us in getting the re ghters. This happened at 2am in the morning”

Hudsen Muki, Nonooma Street, Diepsloot M ay 2015

“A girl asked to sleep over at a friends house. The next day the parents and community members came to the house to protest that the girl was raped.  We pressed to alarm system panic and the police came in less than 10 minutes and saved the guy from mob justice and took him to the police station. I am the luckiest to have a Memeza Alarm system”

Promise Mahape, Sebokeng 1 7/7/2016