Memeza Tirelo Bosha Project

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Project Objective

23 No Fee paying schools were selected by Department of Education to take part in the Tirelo Bosha Project, focused on securing ICT equipment in vulnerable schools, while creating jobs and ensuring the safety of the learners and teachers.


The Memeza Policing Alarms are proving to be a preventative mechanism towards theft of ICT in Schools. Only 1 incident of attempted theft was reported since the deployment of Memeza Community Policing Alarms.  Although SAPS response times have improved from 12 hours to 7-12 minutes, there are still cases where SAPS do not respond, which is a challenge that will be resolved with the National Launch by the SAPS Minister and formalizing the operational processes for SAPS response at a National level, together with further education. The Community based response network concept is proving to add value. With Community Policing Forums, School Personnel and Community members linked to the alarm notification messages, even if SAPS responds late, theft is still stopped through the Community Response Network visibility. During the past 6 months, 4 cases of learner vandalism were reported where the alarm Siren was damaged. We also had a further 3 maintenance and repairs call outs to schools for minor technical issues. The project is now in Monitoring and Evaluation phase and is on track to complete as per the original project due dates committed.