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  1. What did you do before started working on MeMeZa project?
  • I was a Volunteer at diepkloof SAPS, I volunteered as a VEP(Victim Empowerment Supporter) and a peace officer as well, earning a stipend i volunteered for 9 years

2. How did the MeMeZa funded project change you life?

  • It change my life in terms of job opportunity that they gave me as it’s a community linked life saver in terms of many aspects e.g projects community by helping the in an easier ways to get help from SAPS.

3. What would you like to say to the funder who sponsored this project and to all other funder who could help create jobs for other youth in SA                    through MeMeZa?

  • I would like to help community too, so i would like to thank the funders who helped to create job opportunities for SA youth this help a lot in ending crime and unemployment in our country funders who want to come help it would highly be appreciated in reducing poverty in our youth community
Musa Masina’s Memeza Installer testimonial on how Memeza changed his life!

Change the World is part of Vodafone’s ‘World of Difference’ programme that is run in more than 19 countries across the globe. The initiative underscores the importance of partnerships between the private sector and NPOs in the pursuit of the common goal of building a better life for all. This is the 6th year that VCtW will be running in South Africa.

Memeza part of the Vodacom Change the World 2016 Team!!!!

Memeza was the runner up finalist in the Management of Systems category for Emerging Enterprises in this years 2016 TT100 Business Innovation Awards.28 October 2016 – Da Vinci Media Release:

Memeza was the runner up finalist in the Management of Systems category for Emerging Enterprises in this years 2016 TT100 Business Innovation Awards.

In each category, awards were presented to the top emerging, small, medium and large companies.

TT100 awards show innovation is alive and thriving in SA

During the last 3 years, Memeza working with The Centre for Public Service Innovation, SAPS and The Innovation Hub developed a Community Safety Alarm system, coupled with an Intelligent Back End Management system, which enables the police a direct link with community members, while capturing valuable crime related information. To prove the technology and working processes with SAPS and the potential impact on crime, through sponsors like Vodacom, SA Breweries, CPSI and The Lottery Board a pilot was launched in Diepsloot where 600 Memeza Community Alarm systems were deployed. The result of the pilot culminated in September 2015 when the National Crime Statistics suggested that Diepsloot was the only township area in Gauteng with a 9% decrease in murder rate and 26% reduction in sexual violence offences.

Winner of the 2016 ICT Public Service Awards